What to do

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The house is very well located. You can go to the mountain, only 35 minutes there is Montecaro, and is also near the sea. Perelló beaches are 30 minutes away, they are very nice. The river gives much life to the area: you can sail with the barge or canoeing.

The Star are Benifallet Caves are spectacular and a must. Castle Miravet and Pinell cooperative are next.

For those who like hiking can walk to see the old Cardo and spa (now in ruins) and walk in the woods, it is a marvel!

The pools are great and the people are very clean, and only 4 minutes from the house.

The cuisine is also highly valued in the area. There are 4 or 5 restaurants in Benifallet there, 2 of renown, there are visitors who come purposely to taste their dishes. Here you have a list of them: Restaurants Benifallet

Also very popular is the green way, where you will meet a fantastic linear path for cycling and discover different places.

The old station Benifallet has become focal point for bike rides and also have bar restaurant.

Another interesting place is the Iberian settlement, much less known but very cool, it’s lovely to visit especially if you go with the barge on the river.

The chapel of the village so far has not been opened to tourists but is in a very nice place and worth going to see.

In short, Benifallet and surroundings is full of interesting things to see and activities to do.